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Audio Mastering Services


Full range mastering services for CD, including ISRC coding, cd-text and internet delivery of DDPi

Full range mastering services for internet delivery in WAV, enhanced mp3, FLAC or Apple Loss-less formats

Classical and Jazz Remastering for CD, catalogue refreshment for clarity and dynamics

Classical and Jazz Restoration, removing clicks, hums, transfer and studio noises, audience noise


Mixes should be sent to us as WAV or aiff files via




Prices can be per project or per track: single track rates start at £80. Mastering a full album for commercial release costs on average £750 (US$1,000; 850 euros) but a range of discounts are available for small labels, independent musicians and unsigned bands.

(Prices ex.VAT)

Please contact Carrie or Eric to discuss your particular requirements - we can usually work something out...

*Special Offer for Independent Musicians*

tracks 1 - 2  £60 per track

tracks 3 – 5  + £55 per track

tracks 6 – 10 + £50 per track

(eg. a four track digital EP costs £120+ £110 = £230;

ten tracks for CD costs £120 + £165 + £250 = £535)

(Prices ex.VAT)



Because each mastering project is unique we prefer to speak directly to you or to get an e-mail directly from you. If we are all busy in the studio and there is no-one here to take your call we will reply to answerphone messages within a few hours. E-mail enquiries are always answered by the end of the day.


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